Flynn and Flanagan – The Irish Bar of HOVIMA Santa María

We open a new irish bar! Welcome to Flynn and Flanagan!

HOVIMA Santa María opens a new bar which opened its doors on september 9. But Flynn and Flanagan isn’t just any bar! It is a bar with an irish style. Come and drink a beer or a cocktail with us during your vacations in Flynn and Flanagan!

Flynn and Flanagan stands out for its menu with more than 25 different kinds of international beer. Besides the conventional beers like the dutch Heineken, the canarian Dorada or the american Budweiser, there are also belgian beer types like Judas or Affligem and the german Paulaner and a wide selection of the best beers from Ireland.
But … Flynn and Flanagan is not only serving the best types of beer … The best cocktails in Costa Adeje are served here as well! Enjoy a Piña Colada, the famous Mojito Cubano, a Caipirinha, an Aperol Spritz and many more and a wide selection of drinks with enviable brands.

Flynn and Flanagan Irish Bar is open for everyone. But if you are a member of Club HOVIMA, you will get a 10% discount!

Come and enjoy the flavors of one of the many beers, cocktails and drinks we offer you in Flynn and Flanagan in an irish style!

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